Wishe Alexanderson
"The girl that you know that was weak is the girl that has full of power."
All About
Whole Name Wishrea Dennise Alexanderson
Power Liquids
Family Daniella Alexanderson (Mother),

Wegler Alexanderson (Dad), Wendy Alexanderson (Baby-sister), Wayne Alexanderson and Wilson Alexanderson (Younger-twin-brothers), Cole (future husband), David (future son)

Relations Cole (current boyfriend)

Daniel (ex-boyfriend)

Friends Girlz Forever, Hedderinna, Elizabeth, Fiana
Nickname Happy Blue Eyes

Wishe (Full Name: Wishrea Alexanderson) is the Fairy of Liquids, she is the oldest among her three siblings, Her nationality is American, Chinese and Japanese, but spends her time in California as a child, while growing up, she gets to faraway lands like China, Japan, Africa, Antartica but her biggest adventure starts at the age 13, her dad got a promotion forcing her family to live at Paris.


Power Liquids
Major Spells
  • Water Ball
  • Ocean Wave
  • Shark's Ocean
  • Orb of the Sea
  • Enchanted Liquid Storm
Position in GFFz Leader


She is a determined, brave and kind fairy, as a Magica Fairy, she feels the vibration on every water bodies. Wishe is a smart girl and she also has a heart of a fashionista. When Lili and Wishe met as kids back in Calfornia, but Lili went away to Paris when they were 9 years old.

  • 13-18: in Girlz Forever 1
  • 21: Married
  • 36-41: in Girlz Forever 2
  • 23: Mother Year, Gave Birth
  • 27: Gave Birth
  • 56-62: Old Years, in Girlz Forever 3
Occupation Student, Magica Fairy, Princess of the Oceania Kingdom, future Queen
First Appearance Welcome to Paris
Last Appearance Infinite Girl
Birthday August 17
 Games Soccer, Dance Breaker, Pingpong, Karate, Tennis, 25 Forms of Taekwondo, Alexderson-Type Martial Arts, Computer Games, Love to LOL, Frisbee

List of Spells/AbilitiesEdit

Ability: To control all liquids


  • Water Ball
  • Tsunami
  • Flood of Pain
  • Sea of Light
  • Magic Trail
  • Source of Liquid
  • High Temperature Water
  • Dynamic Wave Kick
  • Atomic Liquid Blast

Dimention PowersEdit

  • Ocean Wave
  • Super Magical Punch
  • Water Kick
  • Galaxy's Ocean
  • Water Trap
  • Acid Rain
  • Storm
  • Mega Whirlpool
  • Solid Mercury
  • Forcefield of Waves
  • Light of the River
  • Clense the Water


  • Shark's Ocean
  • Black Sea
  • Mud Ship
  • Power Water
  • Waterfall Blast
  • Blizzard of Ice
  • Fire Blast
  • Coral Spikes
  • Nenufar Stars

Mega Star Power/Princess PowersEdit

  • Orb of the Sea
  • Storm Wave
  • Storm Cloud
  • Lightning Shock
  • Ice Cube Blocks
  • Melting Ice
  • Mercury Lid
  • Seashell Block
  • Petroleum Blast
  • Atomic Gas


  • Enchanted Liquid Storm
  • Magical Liquid Attack
  • Pure Shark's Ocean
  • Blindind Sea Dawn
  • Eye of the Liquid
  • Magic of the River


  • She appeared in every episode.


Season 1Edit

Her first appearance as a thirteen year-old girl is in Welcome to Paris, at the California Cloud Airplane, she is with her family because they are living in Paris for because his dad got a promotion as a secretary II in Toyfornia Company to the President, because his boss died and trusted him to be his succedor. Wishe and her family gets down from the airplane. "2 Months Later", at the Paris National Park, she is seen riding a blue motor-scooter, then bumps into her old chidhood friend, Lili, driving a silver motorcycle, they both say sorry to each other, but when the looked at each other, they realized that they were friends since at the 1st grade, and remembered them. Lili and Wishe gone to Baby-Eo, Smoothie-O, then they buy smoothies from a rich girl named, Chelly(Lili's friend, Mexican). In the next episode, A Friend. She meets the some of the girls, Dana, Nelly, Arene, and Izzy. Layla and Myrene are walking in the school at the episode, School Time. Where they meet Wishe, so, all of the girls went to a sleepover at Wishe's house. The sleepover was nice but they were to lazy to go to school because they slept at four in the morning, they went o school at eleven o'clock, they were late for three hours, they got detention. The principal, Gabriella, senses something about the girls, she knew that they had powers, the principal tells the girls about it. Then, an evil girl witth red eyes attacked the school. Wishe bumps to the bag of a guy named Cole. They had eyecontact for 9 seconds when they heard a noise, screaming. The nine girls formed up to beat the evil girl. Her name is Samantha, but the girls don't know how to use their powers, they grabbed their hands togenther, the transformed into beautiful faires with the power of Basix. She uses water ball attack, Myrene uses battery volcanos, Arene uses plant blasts, Lili uses energy of the moon, Layla uses lava land, Chelly uses magic tornado, Dana uses dark forest, Nelly uses metal spikes, and Izzy uses snow flakes, together they defeated Samantha.

Girlz Forever: The Power of The HeartEdit

Season 2Edit

Girlz Forever: Magical MissionEdit

Season 3Edit

Girlz Forever: A Dream of PassionEdit

Season 4Edit

Girlz Forever: Golden GoodbyeEdit


Ghoulz ForeverEdit

Her cousin is a dracula named, Dracurea. Dracurea arrives at school riding a flying taxi, she meets girls named Chellen(Chelly), Li(Lili), La(Layla), and Venarene(Arene).

Angelz in The TopEdit

Valentine GirlzEdit

Rock MusiczEdit

It'z Christmas ForeverEdit

The Evil AdventuresEdit

The Candy GirlzEdit


  • Her name means "to dream", and her name came from the word "wish".
  • She has a pet horse named "Unica", she growed wings, she turned into a pegasus, but called unicorn, by the breed, Unica is a unisus.
  • Chelly is her bestfriend, although Wishe hangs alot with Arene.
  • Her cousin in Ghoulz Forever is Dracurea, in Angelz in The Top is Whixy. 
  • In the movies, Valentine Girlz, Rock Musicz, It's Christmas Forever, and The Evil Adventures, her names are:
    • Valentine Girlz/Rock Musicx: Rocky
    • It's Christmas Forever: Dizhe(dishay)
    • The Evil Adventures: Wisharenna
  • Wishe's name should be Daniella. Causes are:
    • Dana's name starts with D.
    • Daniella is Dana's sister.
  • She date Cole.
  • Her daily quote is "Super!"
  • She Loves Mexican Food and African Food
  • Her pet is Pip in Girlz Forever: A Dream of Passion, but he did not appear in Season 4, only in Girlz Forever: Golden Goodbye.
  • In Candy Girlz, she is a lollipop.
  • She appeared in every episode.
  • Her son, David. David's name came from the word Daniel, which is Wishe's x.
  • Only Wishe, Myrene, Lili, Layla, Cole, Brandon and Trixie had exes that were mentioned.
  • According to Wishe's mother, Wishe and Myrene were friends when they were 2 years old.
  • Her ancestor is a viking, Wushi.
  • The Ancestrial Fairy looks like Wishe.
  • Many fans suspect that in the episode, Cole's Lies, her skin turns to tan.

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